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May 2017 to Completion
Board of Selectmen No
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Strategic planning determines where an organization is going over the next few years or more, and outlines how it's going to get there. The Strategic Plan will include extensive community input, and is intended to help the Town of Fairfield direct its efforts and resources toward a clearly defined vision for its future. The community input process will be developed with input from the consultant. In the meantime please feel free to visit our Community Input web page to share comments or ideas with the committee. 

Plans typically include benchmarks for milestones that measure progress along the way. After initial development, the plan will be monitored and updated as progress is made or circumstances evolve.


The Strategic Plan Committee is an advisory committee appointed by the Board of Selectmen. It is comprised of experienced, well-qualified, and knowledgeable Fairfield residents who work together to oversee the development of a Strategic Plan for The Town of Fairfield. The approach will include steps to analyze current status of the Town, outline potential options to consider for the ongoing and beneficial evolution of the Town, and ultimately create an actionable, realistic, and uniting vision for the Town, all of which will be done incorporating community input.

The initial Steering Committee will launch the process, take steps to hire a planning consultant, and outline the overall process. Thereafter, the Committee may add members or subcommittees to advance the effort of developing a comprehensive plan, execution plans, and other steps as necessary. The Committee will update the Board of Selectmen quarterly, and other Town bodies as appropriate.

As stated above, during the process community input will be solicited, Plan development updates will be provided to residents and Town officials, and the final Strategic Plan will be reviewed with the Board of Selectmen.

Click here to view the Strategic Plan Committee Charge and other general recommendations.


The mission of the Strategic Plan Committee (SPC) is to oversee the development of a Strategic Plan, which assesses and analyzes the direction the Town wants to follow in the future, outline approaches to pursue what is best for Fairfield, and incorporate the entire Fairfield community in the process. This will be done with the involvement and consultation of Town elected officials and management.

Member Listing

Last updated: 08/20/2018

# Name Title Term
1 Marlene A. Battista Secretary 05/2017 - completion
2 Jay R. Gross Vice Chair 05/2017 - completion
3 Karen M. Kaiser Member 05/2017 - completion
4 Justin C. Thomas Member  05/2017 - completion
5 Jaclyn G. Picarillo Member 05/2017 - completion
6 Stephanie Schechter Member 05/2017 - completion
7 John M. Wynne Chair 05/2017 - completion
Patti J. Dyer Member  02/2018 - completion
Kristen A. Tierney Member  02/2018 - completion
10  Marc G. Andre Member   03/2018 - completion
 11 Andrew T. Graceffa Member  03/2018 - completion