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Fairfield's government is comprised of the cooperative effort of over 400 elected and appointed Town officials and board members. The vast majority are volunteers elected or appointed to boards and commissions.

Fairfield operates with three main branches of government:  The Executive branch, comprised of the three member Board of Selectmen, elected every four years, with the First Selectwoman, the highest elected official, acting as the town's chief executive officer in charge of the administration of all town operations.  The town’s Legislative branch is the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) comprised of ten voting districts with four representatives elected per district every two years.  Finally, the Board of Finance is charged with overseeing the town’s financial interests and policies.  Members of the Board of Finance are elected every six years, with staggered terms. 

There are literally dozens of other boards and commissions that oversee such important areas as Education, Zoning, Parks & Recreation and Conservation - just to name a few. 

Our Town's form of government, and much more is outlined  in the governing document, the Charter.

The Town Charter and all town ordinances, rules and regulations have been approved, adopted, ordained and enacted and are codified and consolidated into titles, chapters and sections in the Town Code.