4/25/2023 - SPRING PAVING

In 2021, the First Selectwoman launched an initiative to hire an independent consultant to conduct an analysis of all the roads and sidewalks in Fairfield. The goal was to provide a plan that prioritizes roads in need of paving and estimated costs for the next 5-10 years. This roadmap has provided DPW, and all stakeholders, with an independent and data driven priority list, to have confidence in, and allow for the Town bodies to plan for the associated costs.

The Town of Fairfield is beginning year 2 of this plan today with the Spring Paving Program. It starts with milling, and paving will begin on Monday May 1st.  The list of streets in planned order are contained below. This schedule is weather dependent with changes subject to impacts from the utility companies. Residents can direct any questions or concerns to the Public Works garage at 203 256-3177.


Church Hill Road
Sky Top Drive
New Street
Lola Street
Fairfield Woods Road (Rt 59 to Church Hill Road)
Wilson Street
Brooklawn Parkway
Valley Road
Toilsome Hill Road (rt 59 to Toilsome Hill Lane)
Eastwood Road
Northwood Road
Southwood Road
Inwood Road
Sherley Place
Jackman Avenue
Rosemere Avenue
Edglewood Road
Fairmount Terrace
Edgewood Place
Euclid Avenue
Brooklawn Terrace
Brooklawn Avenue
Alyssa Lane
Jennings Road (#58 to High Street)
Overlook Avenue
Crestwood Road (Parkwood to Jennings Road)
Wakeman Road (North Benson to Holland Hill Road)
Dunhill Drive
Patrick Drive
Bridget Lane
Ludlowe Road
Ludlowe Court
Mill Hill Terrace (Bronson to Sturges)
Pequot Avenue
Westway Road
Westford Drive
Mill Hill Terrace (Hulls Highway to Mill Hill Road)
Mill Hill Road
Splitrock Road