10/27/2021 - Bee a Pollineighbor! Pollinator Pathway Update

The Pollinator Pathway is a project that has been adopted by over 250 towns and cities to establish pollinator-friendly habitats and food sources for insects and wildlife by focusing on planting natives, avoiding pesticides and rethinking lawns. The Fairfield Board of Selectmen passed the Fairfield Pollinator Pathway Resolution at our June 21st meeting.

You may have seen the Pollinator Pathway signs popping up across town. I am proud to be on the Pollinator Pathway and hope you will join me.  We want to spread the word about our Pollineighbor program which highlights pollinator gardens in Fairfielder’s yards.  Are you interested in helping someone get started on their pollinator pathway garden?  Are you interested in starting a pollinator garden and aren’t sure how to get started?  Please get in touch and we’ll play matchmaker - or (203) 701-8342.

And we’re also launching the Plant a Native Tree in Your Yard with our Right Tree Right Place brochure to spread the word about the Pollinator Pathway and bring the community together. Our local nurseries in town are excited to promote the pollinator pathway by selling natives. Did you know that the fall is the best time to plant because it gives your plants the most time to acclimate to their new home?

Learn more about the benefits of the Pollinator Pathway and take the pledge to join Fairfield’s Pollinator Pathway. You can get your own Pollinator Pathway sign at the CT Audubon Center or Wild Birds Unlimited, or contact the Forestry Committee at

For more information please visit the Town of Fairfield’s Fairfield Forestry page.

Your friends on the Fairfield Forestry Committee,
(203) 701-8342