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3/6/2020 - March 6, 2020 Update

What’s new since our last update:

  • Tomlinson Middle School lower parking lot had no samples that exceeded the RDEC.Maps and sample results are posted on the Fill Use Website.
  • Sampling results from Gould Manor Park Field #1 have been received.  An updated map showing these results can be found on our website.Sampling is wrapping up on Gould Manor Park Field #2 this week.
  • Additional soil, debris and air samples were taken at the Penfield Pavilion Area.An updated map showing these results can be found on our website.There were 130 soil samples taken and one of the soil samples had an exceedance for PAH’s. There were 138 debris samples analyzed and 4 debris samples were found to be non- friable Asbestos Containing Building Material. These samples were in an inaccessible area underneath the Pavilion. Air sampling was also conducted both inside and outside the building.There were 35 air samples taken before, during and after the sampling and test pits were done.None of the air samples were above any threshold.Additional test borings will be done in the main parking lot next week.
  • The Jennings Beach Remedial Action Plan has been submitted to the CT DEEP.Town officials will be meeting with DEEP next week to discuss the plan.