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2/7/2020 - February 7, 2020 Update

What’s new since our last update:

Sample results have been received for Southport Beach and Frank Rice Senior Trail.  Maps and sample results are posted on the Fill Use Website.

  • Southport Beach had one soil sample that exceeded the Residential Direct Exposure Criteria (RDEC) for Lead. Tighe & Bond will conduct additional delineation sampling and prepare a Remedial Action Plan (RAP).
  • The Frank Rice Senior Trail had no samples that exceeded the RDEC. One sample indicated the presence of PCBs but the result was below the RDEC.  Additional sampling will be conducted in that area in accordance with the CT DEEP guidelines.

Additional delineation sampling will be conducted at Gould Manor Park due to what is believed to be historical arsenic contamination and the area to be sampled will be cordoned off until the sample results are received. This delineation sampling will occur over the next few weeks.

The soil removal at Osborn Hill School in the area adjacent to the parking lot will begin this weekend.  The plan for the soil removal has been posted on the Fill Use Website and removal work will continue when school is not in session until the impacted soil has been removed. This will likely require work over the next few weekends.