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11/14/2019 - November 14 Update on the Safety of Town Parks and Fields

The following is an update as of November 14, 2019 on the status of remediation at seven sites as well as a status update on the supplemental sites that have been sampled.

Site Specific Updates

Gould Manor Park: The majority of the areas designated in the Remediation Action Plan (RAP) have been excavated and backfilled with new clean materials. There were two spots along the fencing between the sidewalk and baseball field where clearance samples indicated higher levels of arsenic than permissible. Those small areas will be spot excavated and additional clearance samples will be collected within the next week.

The clearance samples in one area next to the pond also indicated concentrations of arsenic higher than permissible. Additional delineation samples collected adjacent to this area also indicated elevated levels of arsenic. This one area, between the pond and the sidewalk, will remain inaccessible until further excavation and clearance sampling is completed. We are being advised that work will be done in the next few weeks.

Burroughs Park: Excavation in the impacted area should be completed this week. The clearance samples will be collected and analyzed. The area should be backfilled and completed by the end of next week.

Jennings Elementary School: The Remediation Action Plan was submitted by the LEP to the Town and Fairfield Public Schools on November 13th. The plan will be reviewed by the Town and Fairfield Public Schools and we hope that work will begin within the next few weeks.

Mill Hill Elementary School: Except for the two initial samples with exceedances from the ADA sidewalk area, all samples from the field, playground and other areas along the sidewalk have come back with no exceedances. The area around those two samples has been restricted by a covering. Tighe & Bond has recommended to remove the impacted soil in those two areas and replace it with clean material. A plan for this work is being developed. Renovations already planned for the school will involve the removal of this sidewalk in 2020.

Jennings Beach Playground: Additional delineation samples in the area of the water line project have been collected to enable the development of a RAP. This site will involve the removal of some soils through excavation.

Old Dam Road – Behind Recreation Building: An RAP is being developed by Tighe & Bond to address the impacted soils present there and will involve removal of some soils through excavation.

McKinley School Former Playground: Additional delineation samples continue to be collected in the area of the former playground. These samples will enable the development of an RAP for the area.

Supplemental List Sampling Update

The results from the first six supplemental sites tested should be received next week. Additional testing dates for the remainder of the supplemental list are being determined.

As always, we encourage you to visit our Fill Use Issues webpage, and reach out to the Health Department with any questions: