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Can’t make it out to a Board of Education or Board of Finance Meeting? Want to see candidates for town office debating in the Senior Center or the town library? Many town board meetings, educational events, and other community events are now available for home viewing thanks to FairTV,  Fairfield’s Education and Government Access Channels.

FairTV can be viewed on your television if you live in Fairfield and have Cablevision or Frontier Cable.  Or it can be viewed live or on demand from any location through the browser on your computer or mobile device.  See details on how to view below.

Cable TV Viewing

FairTV is available to Fairfield Cablevision customers on Channels 78 (Education Channel) and 79 (Government Channel).  Frontier Cable customers should go to Channel 6009 (Education Channel) and 6010 (Government Channel). Click here to see the broadcast schedule.

Live Stream Viewing

Don't have access to cable channels but want to watch what's being broadcast on FairTV right now?  Click on either icon below to stream what is currently broadcasting to your internet browser.

Click Icon to View Live Broadcast


On Demand Viewing

Want to watch a previously recorded program at your leisure? Or want to share a link to a broadcast with someone who resides outside the Fairfield television viewing area?  Click here for links and information on accessing previously recorded broadcasts..

Broadcast Schedule

Click here to see a schedule of what's currently being broadcast on both the FairTV Education and FairTV Government channels.


The FairTV Commission was established by Town Ordinance to oversee the development and operation of educational and government access television in Fairfield.

Contact FairTV

Have questions or comments for the station manager?  E-mail