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Emergency Preparedness Resources

Disasters can happen at anytime.  The Town of Fairfield Emergency Management Team conducts and coordinates the planning, training, drills and exercises necessary for the Town to be able to respond to emergencies.

Below are various emergencies that the Town of Fairfield may face with some important and helpful guides.








Let's Make a Plan                              

    For Families:          

    For Pets     

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Severe Weather                 

During the past few years, Fairfield has had some extreme weather.  From hurricanes, blizzards and excessive flooding to severe cold and extreme heat.  We can't control the weather but we can change how we are impacted by it.  Below are tips on what to do before and after weather related emergencies.

    Blizzards and Winter Storms  

    Cold Weather        

    Excessive Heat   

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      Flooding and Heavy Rains   



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Power Failures        

A power failure or outage is the short or long term loss of electrical power.  Power can go out at anytime and without notice.  It can be out for a few hours or several days. Safety is the number one concern for the health department.  Make sure you are ready the next time the power goes out.  Have water, non-perishable foods, battery operated radio, batteries and flashlights on hand.

Depending on the length of time the power is out, you may need to discard food from your refrigerator and freezer.  A good rule to follow is when in doubt, throw it out!

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Public Health Emergencies     

A public health emergency is an event, natural or manmade, that creates a health risk to the public.  It may affect one person or thousands of people.  Your local health department detects and responds to public health emergencies to keep your family safe.  They conduct surveillance and monitor any health related changes or patterns, investigate causes of the emergency, responds as part of a team, plan ahead for emergency situations, and educate residents about preparedness.

    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning      

    Chemical Exposures     

    Disease Outbreaks   


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    Water Supply (Private and Public) 

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