11/24/2015 - Town of Fairfield Assists New Business Venture - The Cup Bearer
The Fairfield Department of Community & Economic Development is pleased to announce its latest micro-enterprise assistance grant awarded The Cup Bearer, LLC. The grant will enable The Cup Bearer to purchase equipment and defray marketing costs associated with this new business venture.

The Cup Bearer provides its clients with bespoke cocktail catering services for private parties, corporate events and other functions. Founded by entrepreneur, Justin Pasha, The Cup Bearer has quickly become a local favorite for all those wishing to create a memorable event. Justin also creates handcrafted leather goods and other tools specific to the world of mixology. Mr. Pasha received his formal education in hospitality management at Bay State College in Boston, Massachusetts, and has worked at a number of restaurants in the area including the Chelsea and La Rue Elayne.

“We’re delighted to help, and always excited to work with entrepreneurs such as Justin,” stated Mark Barnhart, Director of the Department of Community & Economic Development. “Small businesses such as The Cup Bearer have long been the backbone of our economy, and the Micro-Enterprise Program has been a very useful tool in our small business development strategy,” he added. Mr. Pasha remarked, “I’m very happy with the support that I have received thus far from the Town. I look forward to serving the greater Fairfield community for many years to come.”

The Micro-Enterprise Assistance Program is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It is intended to provide entrepreneurs with training, technical assistance, and startup capital in order to create and sustain viable and productive small businesses in Fairfield. The program seeks to strengthen and enhance these small businesses, with the ultimate goal of increasing employment opportunities for low- and moderate-income persons. In order to be eligible, applicants must be a recognized form of commercial enterprise that employs five or fewer employees, have its primary operations in Fairfield, and current on all tax obligations. Since the inception of the program, the Town has assisted more than thirty-five small businesses.

For more information on the Micro-Enterprise Assistance Program, contact the Department of Community & Economic Development at (203) 256-3120.