3/1/2021 - Kennedy's Barber Club Ribbon Cutting

The Fairfield Chamber of Commerce and The Town of Fairfield celebrated the opening of Kennedy’s Barber Club and Spa, on Friday, at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, February 26, 2021. 

Located on 1330 Post Road Fairfield, Kennedy’s of Fairfield Club mixes Hair Styling with Day Spa Amenities, combining two great experiences for clients looking to rejuvenate and enhance their look, while enjoying day spa amenities. The end goal: Revitalizing their internal balance. 

The club offers monthly memberships for men’s hair, face & waxing services, and women's hair blowouts, facials & waxing services. The Spa offers monthly memberships and daily use of Infrared Sauna booths (2), soon-to-be launched sensory deprivation tanks (2) and a thermal infrared cocoon pod. Walk-ins are welcome and encouraged. 

Opened briefly for four days in March 2020, then closed for two months by the state’s Covid response, and reopened again, the Club has quickly become a destination for people looking to re-set their personal mental health and personal physical image.  

The Club offers signature men’s haircuts that include straight razor blocking and styling, followed by a hot towel neck and shoulder massage. The service is rounded out by a hair shampoo and conditioning regiment. Men have been gravitating to the straight razor facial shaves and deep cleansing facial services, as stress-releasing pampering opportunities. 

Parents and young children can visit together to get stylish attentive hair cuts by the two leading Kennedy’s stylists, Nini Afonso and Nadine Torres. The Club offers special pricing for young children, as well as special memberships for “young professionals” on both the hair club and spa offerings.   

New to the Kennedy’s offering has been a focus on female customers and offerings. Women have been frequenting the Club to try the monthly memberships for hair blowouts and shampoos. A big success has been the “female centric” deep cleanse facial services introduced my Nini with jelly masks and pore cleaning techniques. Eyebrow waxing and other waxing advice for women has garnered more fanfare. 

The Spa services have rapidly gained attention. Members -- both men and women -- flock to enjoy the heat-producing infrared saunas. Each private booth has its own personal shower amenity. Towels for showering after a sauna appointment and bottled water are provided for customers.  

The idea for Kennedy’s Club and Spa of Fairfield is to offer people an opportunity to take a personal vacation -- without going far. To treat themselves well amidst the chaos of life, work, family and Covid. In the members' waiting area, there are two massage chairs for relaxation before or after service.

Every aspect of the Club and Spa follows strict COVID sanitary practices and staff wear personal protective masks at all times.     

Appointments can be booked online or by calling the club, (203) 292-8177. Kennedy’s is open Tuesday through Saturday. In the coming weeks, Sunday hours will be added.