1/12/2021 - A Sweet Opening to the New Year!

Sweets for the New Year!  BE Chocolat is Fairfield’s First New Business Opening in 2021 and the Town is so excited to welcome this award winning chef owned maker of hand-crafted Belgian chocolates.  This retail shop and artist workshop is located in Greenfield Hill, at 75 Hillside Road in Fairfield.

The mouthwatering chocolate creations have captured the attention of chocolate lovers around the world.  To now be able to visit the chef and his wife in their Atelier…..beyond wonderful for our town! 

Award winning, Belgian Master Chocolatier Benoit Racquet is the creator of the unique taste pairings for which Be Chocolat known.  Now right here in Fairfield, guests are invited into his artist’s workshop and retail shop to appreciate and enjoy the production of hand-crafted, small batch chocolate treats made with the most premium ingredients, using Belgium’s finest Callebaut chocolate. Convenient curbside pickup is available current during this pandemic time and the owners look forward to their space offering opportunities for chocolate events and chocolate-making classes in the future.  Based on incredibly positive feedback, the virtual tastings will continue.

Visit to browse BE Chocolat’s incredible online catalogue.  Their wine and chocolate, beer and chocolate, coffee and chocolate pairings are unique and gorgeous.  Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day shopping is right at your finger-tips or get you prepared to shop at their new retail space in Greenfield Hill.  Who wouldn’t love a collection of Hope and Passion or a box of Be Curious?