12/18/2020 - Two New Restaurants to Enjoy!

Maybe you have already heard or tried??? We are so excited to continue to welcome and highlight two wonderful new restaurants to Fairfield. Both the Reef Shack and Café Transilvania are already receiving amazingly positive feedback on social media and through the word of mouth/buzz around town.  Good news travels fast!

Fairfield couple Jason and Bridget Lesizza’s vision of a Cape Cod/Nantucket, shack-style beach town eatery has arrived and is already a hit.  Their coastal town vibe is evident from the moment you pull into the parking lot or click on their easy to use website. What use to be a 7-11 has totally been transformed!  Reef Shack is located in our beach area of town, at 257 Reef Road.  This location is ideal for walkers, bikers and cars destined for the beach or home to enjoy their healthy and fun menu choices.  Tables to eat onsite are also an option in their newly designed tented, fun area.

Reef Shack serves breakfast, lunch and dinner six days a week, with Mondays as its closed day. Reef Shack also includes a small market offering grocery staples including milk, bread and eggs. Their signature shaved rib eye is highlighted in many choices for meals throughout the day. Coffee and espresso drinks are served, accompanied by pastries, breakfast sandwiches, or cupcakes from Junior's Restaurant and Bakery in Brooklyn. For lunch or dinner their sandwiches are named for family members and familiar Fairfield locales.  The Little Reefers choices are sure to be a hit with kids and their parents.  Reef Shack’s, Create Your Own Bowl section of the menu is available for individual or Family style portions.  Family meals have become a popular choice and Reef Shack has family-size grab-and-go meals, which rotate daily and include rib eye mac and cheese, chicken Marsala and salads for a crowd. Lobster rolls, fish and chips or clams are currently being served on the weekend.  Their home made sorbets are known to be a highlight even in the cold weather. To order call: 203-292-8100

Café Transilvania sounds far away but it is now right here in Fairfield!  Located at 246 Post Road, this new to town Romanian/Eastern European style restaurant had its grand opening and Ribbon Cutting on December 15.  Catering to both those that are familiar with the delights of Romanian-American Cuisine and those that are looking forward to trying delicious dishes they can fall in love with once they experience this multi-generational Romanian family restaurant.   Traditional dishes such as stuffed cabbage, Hungarian Paprikash chicken and Romanian skinless sausage known as mici are must trys.  Additionally, their menu has familiar comfort food of burgers, fries, eggs all day and honey crisp apple salad.

Alina Caldarariu and Christian Caldarariu, Café Transilvania owners, are both from Transilvania. Having done their homework and knowing there is a large Romanian population in and around Fairfield, they sought to fulfill their dream, to open a Romanian place to serve the Romanians and Eastern European residents who miss the taste of traditional food, and also introduce those not familiar, to their outstanding cuisine.  Fairfield is so fortunate to have these two experienced owners with over 20 years in the Hospitality Business, including working in fine dining and silver dining restaurants in Bermuda, in town.  They are not subtle with their desire to draw guests in with their Dracula culture. Their slogan catches ones eye, “Come in for a bite” and a giant image of the 13th century Bran Castle, known as Dracula’s castle based on the myth created by Bram Stoker, is fun to see. Once inside the café, their nod to the lore of Transilvania is even displayed on the countertop which is handmade and a deep, blood red.

Alina will let you know that Cafe Transilvania is meant to be more than a place, but rather, “Cafe Transilvania was established to also represent the real Transilvania, its fabulous cuisine, its long history as a country and the real stories about Dracula (Vlad Tepes). On our Instagram page and Facebook page, we post daily, true facts about Transilvania and we already have over 500 followers.” To order call: 203-292-8128

Both the Reef Shack and Café Transilvania are dedicated to offering delicious dine-in and take-out service with the highest level of attention to Covid-19 safety precautions.