6/3/2019 - Town Welcomes Comments on Transit-Oriented Development Study

The Fairfield Town Plan and Zoning Commission is accepting comments through June 21st on its draft transit-oriented development study report.

The study, which was led by Boston-based planning consultants Goody Clancy, examined opportunities for transit-oriented development around the Fairfield Metro and downtown Fairfield train stations.  The study, which kicked off last June, looked at the Town’s existing land use policies as well as recent development patterns and analyzed the market potential for commercial office, retail and residential uses.  The study also examined the fiscal implications of various development scenarios as well as the impact of potential development on utilities and transportation infrastructure.  Workshops were held at key points throughout the year-long study effort, culminating in a wide-ranging discussion that examined different development options for both station areas.  

For the area around the Fairfield Metro Center Station, the report recommends that the Town consider reducing the minimum lot size for TOD eligibility; increasing the maximum building height to 70’ while maintaining the existing limitation on five stories; allowing greater residential density while increasing the inclusionary requirement; promoting mixed use and TOD development at key nodes and intersections; and revising the parking requirements to provide greater flexibility and to accommodate car-sharing services and electric vehicle infrastructure.
The report recommends fairly limited changes to land use policies around the downtown station focused on strengthening existing design requirements and eliminating regulatory inconsistencies.  However, the report does recommend a reduction in the number of building stories from five to four while slightly increasing building height from 50 feet to 52 feet and increasing the floor area ratio to enable smaller scale development.    

Click here to view a copy of the draft report.  Questions or comments regarding the draft report may be provided to The study was funded by a planning grant from the CT Department of Community & Economic Development. 

For more information, please contact the Town Plan & Zoning Department at (203) 256-3050 or the Community & Economic Development Department at (203) 256-3120 or visit