4/3/2017 - Videos Highlight What Makes Fairfield a Great Place to Live, Work, Learn & Play!

Town Announces New Community Video Library
Videos Highlight What Makes Fairfield a Great Place to Live, Work, Learn & Play!

Fairfield Community & Economic Development Director Mark Barnhart announced today the completion of a new community video library intended to highlight the Town of Fairfield’s many positive attributes and features. The videos may be found on the homepage of the Town’s official website at

The collection of short 2-minute videos cover a variety of topical areas including economic development, real estate, recreation & leisure, education, shopping & dining, arts & culture, history & attractions, and senior living, as well as a welcome message from the First Selectman. The videos are intended to acquaint visitors and residents alike with all that Fairfield has to offer.

The Town of Fairfield partnered with CGI Communications, a video production company based in Rochester, New York, to create the community video library. The videos were produced at no cost to the Town, as the total project costs were covered by corporate sponsorships and advertising revenue. “We had worked with CGI twice before on similar initiatives, and it’s pretty much a turn-key operation,” stated Mr. Barnhart. “CGI works with us to develop a script and shot list for each segment. CGI contracts with a local videographer to capture the images we select, after which CGI handles all the video editing and post-production work,” he added.

Adding a distinctly local touch, Fairfield resident and Southport business owner Sissy Biggers provided the voice over narration for the videos, which was recorded at WSHU, located on the campus of Sacred Heart University. WSHU donated the use of their studios for the project. “We are extremely grateful to Sissy Biggers, WSHU and to all of our business sponsors and community partners, for lending a hand with this project,” remarked Mr. Barnhart. “We really couldn’t have undertaken this without them,” he added.

Photo Credit: Stan Gorzelany