-Field  Closures

On days of inclement weather, this page will be updated by the Parks Department crews a-s they assess the conditions of the fields.

O = OPEN    X = CLOSED    BLANK = crews still evaluating - Please check back  R - Closed for repairs-


Fields will be updated between 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM on weekdays and 7:00 AM- 8:00 AM on weekends. 















X Kiwanis X Burroughs  X Dougiello
X Owen Fish X Oldfield X Dwight
X Tunxis Hill X RLMS         X Grasmere (Pilot)
X Warde BB X S. Pine Creek #1 X Sherman
LITTLE LEAGUE FIELDS O Tomlinson Turf X Haydon
X Dover X Veres St
X Fairfield Woods SOCCER FIELDS (Small) X Veterans
R Gould #1 corner X Burr X Warde Softball
R Gould #2 pond X Burroughs 2 X Sturges


Melville #1 X Holland Hill  


X Melville #2 X Jennings  mULTIPURPOSE FIELD 
X Mill Hill X Ffld Woods X Veteran's Grass
X Osborn Hill R  McKinley X Sturges Field
X Owen Fish LL X N. Stratfield X Tunxis Field
X Palamar X Sherman X Sullivan Field
X Riverfield gym X Town Hall
X Riverfield play X Dwight

X Tunxis Hill LL    


Sport fields may be closed on an individual basis, i.e.: All softball/baseball fields may be open but all soccer/football might be closed. Tomlinson Turf Field never closes except if it is snow covered.

OPEN / CLOSED SIGNS that are on the fields are to be obeyed. If there is a conflict between what this page says and what the sign says, you are to obey the sign.

The Police Department should be contacted if groups are witnessed using a closed field.

Leagues will be responsible for policing their own coaches.

If it is found that leagues/teams are not obeying the policy, the Parks and Recreation Commission will void the league/team permit, and the following season that league/team will be the last team to receive a permit.


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