Tennis & Pickleball Courts    

Fairfield has 31 asphalt courts across 10 different locations. Residents may use these courts at their leisure on a drop-in basis or may make a reservation at no charge. Residents may reserve up to two (2) hours of court time per week, up to one week in advance. A confirmation permit will be e-mailed and is recommended to be brought to the court at the time of the reservation. Permits will be issued from April 1st through November 30th.

Tunxis & Gould Manor have courts that are designated for Pickleball ONLY. Some courts are lined for BOTH Tennis & Pickleball.  Please note: when booking Pickleball at Tomlinson - you are required to select a "Pickleball" Court (A or B). Any "pickleball" reservation made on the Tomlinson "Tennis" Courts will be subject to cancellation. 

 Dwight Elementary   4 (under construction)  1680 Redding Rd   Yes - 8 Courts (under construction)
 Fairfield Ludlowe High   6  785 Unquowa Rd   
 Fairfield Warde "Blake Courts"   4  755 Melville Ave   
 Fairfield Warde "Knapps Courts"   4  20 Knapps Hwy    
 Fairfield Woods Middle School   4 (under construction)  1115 Fairfield Wds Rd   Yes - 8 Courts (under construction)
 Gould Manor Park   1  5 Holland Hill Rd   Yes - 1 Court
 Owen Fish Park   1  1443 Stratfield Rd  
 Tomlinson Middle School   4  270 Hillcrest Rd  Yes - 8 Courts
 Veterans Park   2  909 Reef Rd  
 Gould Manor Park  1  5 Holland Hill Rd  Yes
 Tomlinson Middle School  8 270 Hillcrest Rd  Yes
 Tunxis Hill Park   4 225 Melville Ave Yes