Permanent Resident w/ Company Car - "A" STICKER  -  Access to all Beaches, Marina & Dump - $25.00
Must provide current Fairfield Residential Property Tax Bill, copy of car registration and a letter on Company letterhead stating that resident has sole use of vehicle.

Residential Property Tax Payers - "B" STICKER  -  Access to all Beaches & Marina - $65.00
Must provide current Fairfield Residential Property Tax Bill and copy of car registration with same name. (Properties listed as LLC's do not qualify for property owner discounts)

Non-Resident Town of Fairfield Employee  -  "B" STICKER  -  Access to all Beaches & Marina - $55.00
Must be full time, permanent part time or honorably retired former Town of Fairfield employee. Must provide proof of employment with a current Town of Fairfield pay stub and vehicle registration in the same name.   (limit 2 per employee)

Non-Resident Veterans - "B" STICKER  -  Access to all Beaches & Marina - $55.00
Must be an honorably discharged veteran who was a resident of the Town of Fairfield at the time they entered the service. Veteran will be required to provide a DD214 form citing Fairfield as the Town they live in when they entered the service.