Special Events

The Fairfield Parks & Recreation Department is responsible for many Special Events throughout the year and we invite you to look over our offerings on the left, stop by and enjoy our family fun events. Best of all, they are free. We are also pleased to help you find some other events that we are not responsible for, but that make Fairfield the great Town that it is.


7/24/2019 -
7/26/2019 -
7/27/2019 -
7/27/2019 -
7/28/2019 -
7/29/2019 -
7/30/2019 -
8/1/2019 -
8/17/2019 -
8/18/2019 -

                                                                             More Town Events

If you are interested in hosting a Special Event in Fairfield, the Town is pleased to provide locations for Non-Profit Events at minimal cost. The procedures below will help you plan.  If you are interested in renting either of our pavilions for your event, please access the Penfield Pavilion tab above for more information.