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First Selectman (Four Year Term)

Brenda L. Kupchick (R) (Nov 2019-2023)
Sullivan Independence Hall
725 Old Post Road
Fairfield, CT 06824
Phone: 203-256-3030

Duties and Responsibilities

The highest elected officer in Fairfield is the First Selectman who serves as the full-time Chief Executive Officer. All town departments report to the First Selectman. The First Selectman also provides guidance to town employees, commissions, and committees plus oversees expenditures for the town.

The First Selectman is the official representative of the town and promotes town businesses, economic development initiatives, and recommends initiatives for programs and infrastructure needs.  Those tuned in to the town emergency alert system, CodeRED, often hear the voice of the First Selectman providing updates on weather emergencies. The First Selectman is charged with declaring and coordinating local public emergencies during snow storms, hurricanes and other emergency situations.

The First Selectman also heads up the Board of Selectmen, an elected board authorized to initiate executive policies and decisions for the town. The Selectmen vote on all town projects and local agreements including budget and spending authorizations, bonding, legal claims, board and commission appointments, use of town facilities and other areas as defined by state statutes and the Town Charter.  The three Selectmen are ex-officio members of all town bodies including the Board of Finance, Board of Education, Town Planning and Zoning, RTM, and all town boards and commissions.

The Office of the First Selectman is the town hub that handles many issues, foremost providing help and information for constituents. The Office of the First Selectman also coordinates interdepartmental activities and gives advice and guidance on policies and programs that affect the quality of life for Fairfield residents.

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