"Fairfield Commits to Clean Energy" Campaign

The “Fairfield Commits to Clean Energy” Campaign is the first environmentally friendly and sustainable campaign supported by the Clean Energy Task Force (CETF).   Click here to read the Clean Energy Communities Municipal Pledge.

How to Help

This campaign encourages all households, businesses, institutions and nonprofit organizations in Fairfield to sign up for one of the CT Clean Energy Options available through United Illuminating. Fairfield has committed to getting 20% of the electricity for municipal buildings from clean, renewable sources by the year 2018.

You can enroll by picking up an enrollment form at Independence Hall.  All application forms should be sent to:

  • Clean Energy Task Force, c/o Fairfield Department of Public Works, 725 Old Post Road, Fairfield, CT 06824
Other sources of information include:

The decision to select CT Clean Energy Options is completely voluntary.   The Board of Selectmen and the Clean Energy Task Force are supporting the “Fairfield Commits to Clean Energy Campaign” because they care about the quality of life for all of Fairfield’s citizens and those of future generations.

The Clean Energy Option will cost customers a premium charge of $0.013 cents per kilowatt hour, which is in addition to the cost of the standard offer.  For a customer using 500 kWh per month, this would result in an additional cost of $6.50 for the 100% offer.  (The 50% options are one-half the cost of the 100% options.)

How the Town Benefits 

For every 100 sign-ups, the town will receive a free solar energy system offered by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund. The systems acquired by the town will be shared with Fairfield’s municipal buildings including our schools and will have a valuable educational component associated with them. The sign-ups will be for either a 50% or a 100% option.

Fairfield has thus far earned seven free solar energy systems offered by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund including systems at Tomlinson, Ludlowe and Fairfield Woods middle schools, and the Eunice Postal Recreation Center. Fairfield schools and municipal buildings will be selected as sites for future solar energy systems.

By supporting clean energy, we can help to achieve cleaner air, a healthier community and energy independence and help the town get more solar energy systems.

Please consider making a switch to clean energy!