Shellfish Program

Shellfishing in Fairfield is overseen by the Shellfish Commission.  The Conservation Department provides administrative support for the Commission and the program.

The Shellfish Program affects over 1,000 acres of municipal shellfish beds from Ash Creek to Sasco Creek including Long Island Sound. This program regulates both recreational and commercial interests and includes water testing and management obligations by four town departments under a state-approved Memorandum of Understanding. The program improves water quality for swimming and clamming, provides opportunities for recreational shellfishing at Sasco Hill and Southport beaches, and commercial opportunities in all coastal waters.  The Shellfish Management Plan guides the use and conservation of the Town's shellfish resources.

Shellfish Permits

Shellfish Permits are required for recreational and commercial  shellfishing.   Visit our Shellfish Permit web page for more information on permits.

Shellfishing Locations

Fairfield's Shellfish beds are located off Sasco Hill Beach.  A permit is required to shellfish.  Click here to view the shellfish bed map.

Shellfish Bed Openings/Closures

Shellfishing is prohibited when the shellfish beds are closed.   Please note the following ways to be and stay informed on the status of the beds:

  • The Conservation Department maintains a Shellfish Status Hotline at 203-256-3074. The hotline has a recorded message that states the current status of the shellfish beds.  It's always a good idea to call the hotline before heading out.
  • You can sign up for electronic notification of bed openings and closings by signing up for 'Shellfish Commission News' on the Town's mailing lists.
  • There is an open/closed sign posted at the entrance to the Sasco Hill Beach parking lot indicating the status of the shellfish beds.

Rules and Regulations

Click here to view the rules and regulations regarding shellfishing in Fairfield.

Clam Clinics

The Shellfish Commission holds an annual free Clam Clinic in the spring.  Check the Commission's home page for announcements related to the Clam Clinic. 

Shellfish Management

The Shellfish Management Plan guides the use and conservation of the Town's shellfish resources.  Click here to view information on the Shellfish Management Plan.

Additional Information

For questions regarding shellfishing in Fairfield please contact the Shellfish Commission or the Conservation Department or visit the Commission on Facebook.

Shellfishing Photos

Enjoy these photos from our 2015 Clamming Clinic!