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Environmental Health Program

The Environmental Health Program provides a variety of services to the community and employs four State-licensed Registered Sanitarians to perform the necessary work. For more information on any of these services please call 203-256-3020. Services provided by the Department of Health include:

Food Service Establishments/Events

Plan Reviews, licensing and inspections of restaurants, grocery stores, delis, pharmacies, convenience stores, bakeries, retail food sales, theaters, temporary food events, farmers markets, itinerant/mobile vendors, nursing home food service, university food service, public and private schools food service, and seasonal food concessions. There are more than 450 annually licensed establishments or events in Fairfield requiring over 1,200 inspections per year.

Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems (SSDS)

Reviews plans, issues permits, conducts testing and inspections related to the installation and repair of SSDS. Reviews and signs building permits for any construction activity for dwellings with an SSDS.  Fifteen percent of Fairfield homes utilize a SSDS.


Conducts inspections and issues rental certificates for all rental dwelling units in the Town including all non-dormitory university housing. There are over 3000 rented residential dwelling units in Town. Plan Reviews, licensing and inspections of hotels, motels and rooming houses.

Cosmetology Establishments

Plan Reviews, licensing, and inspections of barber shops, beauty salons and nail salons

Recreational Water

Licenses, inspects and conducts water testing at all public pools including pools at condo associations, private clubs, YMCA, universities, and hotels. From mid-May to Labor Day each week conducts beach inspections and collects 19 water quality samples at the Town’s six public swimming areas. Issues swimming area closures and advisories as needed and maintains the Fairfield Beach Updates site.

Public Facilities

Conducts environmental safety inspections of public and private schools, day cares, nursery schools.


Conducts inspections and issues orders related to the enforcement of the Town’s condemnation and blight ordinances.

Vector-Borne Disease Prevention

Investigates, issues orders, abates and provides public information related to mosquitoes and rodent infestations. Provides testing and information related to exposure to rabid animals.

For more information of rabies please click here

Lead Poisoning Prevention

Review all pediatric blood lead testing results, provides educational materials and testing follow-up reminders to parents and doctors, consults with parents, conducts inspections and testing of homes of lead poisoned children.

Drinking Water

Reviews and issues well drilling permits and related water testing.

Sandblasting and Demolition Permits

Reviews applications and issues permits to prevent environmental contamination and illness related to potential lead dust or asbestos exposure


Investigates complaints regarding licensed facilities, permitted activities, housing, nuisances, and other issues such as hoarding, blight and condemnation. The office receives, investigates and resolves hundreds of complaint investigations per year.

Tick and Radon Testing Services

The Department also offers free tick identification, tick testing for $5 and radon testing devices for $20. Tick identification is performed during office hours (M-F 8:30-10:30am). Ticks can be sent for testing once identified and found to meet testing criteria. Radon test kits can be picked up any time during our normal work hours.

For more information on ticks and tick-borne diseases please click here

Foodborne Illness and Outbreak Response 

Conducts epidemiological interviews with all cases of Investigates, responds, conducts epidemiological interviews, implements control measures and provides education to prevent or reduce the spread of infectious disease being transmitted through food, drinking water and other potential exposure pathways.

The Department of Health maintains office hours at its Sullivan Independence Hall Office Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 10:30 am for general questions, departmental permit and licensing questions and sign-offs, sign-offs on building permits and CO’s, septic system questions and any other issues related to the above activities.

Itinerant Food Vendors

An itinerant food vendor can receive a license and be inspected by one local health jurisdiction and then be allowed to operate in another local health jurisdiction as long as the two local health departments have signed the reciprocal licensing/permitting agreement. There are many local ordinances that are not covered by the agreement, such as fire, parking, zoning, building, and other required local permits. Itinerant food vendors shall receive proper local approvals prior to operating their business in towns where these other types of permits are required for itinerant food vending establishments. Advance notification may be required for local approvals. For more information, please visit the State's website. For questions, please contact the Fairfield Health Department's Environmental Department at 203-256-3020.