Programs & Activities


Educational programs are offered throughout the year on a variety of subjects - from health to history and authors. Our Lifelong Learners classes are led by truly distinguished instructors and cover a variety of interests. Lifelong Learners classes provide intellectual stimulation in a relaxed, casual atmosphere that lets you learn at your own pace. Past registrants receive a course catalog in the mail. Others can pick up the current catalog at the Bigelow Center. Classes cost $30 per course.


The Bigelow Center offers a wide variety of exercise programs tailored to the particular needs of the adult community. Among the exercise programs offered are Tai Chi, Body Balance, Yoga, Zumba, table tennis, and pickleball. The center also has the Pacers walking club.

With rare exceptions, most seniors can participate in exercise programs--even those who have disabilities or limited motion. Our highly trained instructors will carefully evaluate the member's physical condition and work with seniors to help reach your maximum potential. Remember, it's never to late to get into shape. Exercise is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself! So move any way you can!  


The Bigelow Center also has a number of groups that play a variety of games such as Pinochle, Bridge, Chess, Bunko, Scrabble, Canasta etc. These games provide mental stimulation and the opportunity to socialize with people who share your interests. In addition to table games, there are more active games such as pool, table tennis, pickleball, and bocce for the more athletically inclined.

Income Tax Preparation

Every tax season trained AARP volunteers are at the center to help seniors complete federal tax forms and file them. There is no charge for this service, but an appointment is required. The schedule for free tax assistance is published in the center's newsletter.


The center publishes a monthly newsletter, the Fairfield Senior Times, which includes a complete calendar of events, the monthly menu, and articles of special interest to seniors. The newsletter is available at no charge at the Bigelow Center, both libraries in town, Independence Hall, the YMCA, Fine Arts Hairdresser, both Stop & Shops in Fairfield, and other locations in town. In addition, the newsletter is available online. The Bigelow Center also maintains a Facebook page which contains updated schedule information and other news.


The Bigelow Center runs a recent movie release every Friday at 12:45 p.m. and Film Noir on most Mondays at 1:00 p.m.The Center has a large screen, high-definition display and a full surround sound system. Monthly movie schedules are posted in Bigelow Center Newsletter.

Social Security or Medicare Issues

The center has on staff highly trained, professional social workers to assist with any Social Security and Medicare questions that our seniors may have. They can provide guidance with respect to Medicare Part D (prescription drug coverage) and help in choosing supplementary (Medigap) policies. In addition to that, our Social Workers can provide assistance applying for Medicaid (Title 19) and offer advice about home care and housing alternatives for seniors.