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Veterans/Military Exemptions

Combat-era veterans or their surviving spouses who have filed their DD-214 (Honorable Discharge) with the Town Clerk may be eligible for an assessment exemption on their dwelling or vehicle. The veteran must have served at least 90 days during a certified combat era. His/her DD-214 or a certified copy must be filed with the Town Clerk by September 30 in order for the exemption to be applied to the next assessment list.

Combat-era veterans still serving can apply for this exemption at the Assessor’s Office. This basic veterans’ exemption is a primary qualification for the “Additional Veteran’s Exemption” further described below.

Veterans having a combat-related disability rating of at least 10% from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs are eligible for increased benefits. In order to qualify for these increased benefits, the veteran must annually present his/her disability verification letter from the VA to the Assessor by October 1 until age 65.

State residents currently in active-duty military service may also be eligible for the above-described exemption. In addition, one car owned or leased by any military Connecticut resident may be fully exempt from property taxes. Non-residents stationed in Connecticut may also qualify for a full exemption on their vehicles.  Applications can be found Here and select "Exemption Forms" from the drop down box or you may call the Assessors at (203) 256-3110 for further information.

Low-income veterans or their widow(ers) may be eligible to receive an additional exemption. Home-ownership is not required.

In order to qualify, an applicant must file between February 1 and October 1 for the exemption to be applied to the next assessment year’s taxes. Proof of income must be submitted at the time of application. In addition, the original or certified copy of the veteran’s DD-214 must be on file in the Town Clerk’s Office by the prior September 30.

Sec. 27-103 CGS (as amended PA 03-85)

Spanish-American April 21, 1898-July 4, 1902; Moro Province April 21, 1898-July 15, 1903; Mexican Border March 10, 1916-April 6, 1917; WW I April 6, 1917-November 11, 1918; WW I - Russia April 6, 1917-April 1, 1920;  WW II December 7, 1941-December 31, 1947;  Korean Conflict June 27, 1950-Jan. 31, 1955; Vietnam Era February 28, 1961-July 1, 1975; Lebanon July 1, 1958-Nov. 1, 1958 or September 29, 1982-March 30, 1984; Invasion of Grenada Oct. 25 1983-Dec. 15, 1983; Operation Earnest Will July 24, 1987- August 1, 1990; Invasion of Panama Dec. 20, 1989-Jan. 31, 1990; Persian Gulf War after August 2, 1990.

In conflicts lasting less than 90 days, service must be in combat/combat support for duration. Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal is required for service in Lebanon or Operation Earnest Will.

For Veterans serving after August 2, 1990, service in Persian Gulf is not required, nor is service in combat.