About the Engineering Department

The Engineering Department serves the technical and information needs of town agencies and the public. Need a map of your neighborhood storm drainage lines? The layout for your subdivision? A voting map for your district? A stop in the Engineering Department is in order.

As part of the Public Works Department, the Engineering Department works with construction crews to survey and design layouts for town-built drainage. Architectural plans for renovating town buildings, road alignment and widening, sidewalk installation, parking lots, handicap retrofits, sports field, and bridges. The Engineering Department also provides town easement and legal descriptions for storm sewers, and sewer lines.

The Engineering Department maintains and updates maps, drawings of road and drainage systems, subdivision layouts, bridges, historic districts, voting district maps, public parks, and the “Official Town Street Map”.

The Engineering Department provides assistance to other town departments in terms of providing plans, surveys, design, cost estimates, and elevations. Sports fields, school bus loops, driveways, minor building renovations, golf courses, marina work, grading, drainage, street lights, sieve analysis, traffic, housing and development projects.