Recycling for Businesses

Town of Fairfield Solid Waste & Recycling Department
Phone: 203-256-3023

The Town of Fairfield Solid Waste & Recycling Department has received inquiries from Fairfield Businesses regarding recycling. In the State of Connecticut the Waste Stream has two components:

  1. Solid Waste, which is taken to a Trash–to-Energy incinerator, which incinerates the trash and makes electricity. However, the municipalities are charged a fee to dispose of the trash, which in turn, we charge the haulers to dispose of the trash, which in turn they charge you the business, for disposal.
  2. Recyclables, the State of Connecticut Statutes and the Town of Fairfield Regulations require these items to be separated from Solid Waste:
    • Plastic containers with a number 1 or 2

    • Electronic Devices, which means Cell Phones, Radios, Stereos, Computers, Televisions, and other Electronic Devices, Fluorescent Light Bulbs or Lamps containing Mercury, Thermometers or Thermostats.

    • Glass and metal food and beverage containers, empty aerosol cans

    • Newspaper

    • White office paper (residences exempt)

    • Corrugated cardboard

    • Scrap metal

    • Waste oil

    • Lead acid storage batteries

    • Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries

    • Leaves (must be composted)

    • Grass clippings are prohibited from disposal at solid waste facilities.

All licensed haulers in the Town of Fairfield must collect recyclables from your business, which should minimize your cost because the recyclables can be dumped at no charge at the I.P.C. in Stratford. We will come out to your business and advise you on the items that can be recycled. There is no fee for this visit because it is part of the Town of Fairfield’s Commitment to Waste Minimization, Energy Savings, Climate Change and Protection, and the impact that we can have on our surrounding Environment. "Think Globally Act Locally, We Can All Be A Part Of The Solution To Pollution". 

In Connecticut, recycling is state law! Obviously, some of these items above will not apply to certain businesses, but all businesses generate trash and recyclables. Above, these items required to be recycled in accordance with Section 22a-208v and Section 22a-256a of the Connecticut General Statutes and Section 22a-241b of the Regulations of the Connecticut State Agencies.