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6/29/2022 - UPDATE : Lake Mohegan-Cascades Automatic Gate


Ahead of the 4th of July weekend, the automatic gate that was installed at the entrance of Lake Mohegan-Cascades (intersection of Morehouse Highway and Mohican Hill Road) last fall is scheduled to begin full operation this week. 

In accordance with Section 20(b) of the Town of Fairfield Open Space Rules and Regulations, the gate will open at sunset and close one hour after sunset.  Should anyone be late to exit the open space after the gate closes, the gate will open upon approach (when driving a vehicle on the in-ground sensor).  Adjustments will be made throughout the year with seasonal changes and daylight savings time, however, the gate is currently programmed to open at 6:30am and close at 8:30pm. 

As always, should an emergency or gate failure occur, call 911 or contact the Fairfield Police or Fire Departments.  In addition to Conservation and Public Works, Police and Fire Departments will have controls to open the gate.  Contact the Conservation department with any questions regarding open space. Please be safe and enjoy our natural resources!