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5/4/2018 - Commission Asks Residents to Complete Survey on Unleashed Dogs in Open Spaces
  • Open Space Survey
  • The Town of Fairfield's Conservation Commission and Conservation Department oversee the management of all of the Town's Open Spaces which includes over 1,200 acres contained in 63 parcels. Presently, rules and regulations exist for Town open spaces permitting unleashed dogs: "All dogs must be leashed, or if unleashed, kept under the control of the person responsible for them at all times".

    A sub-committee of the Conservation Commission was appointed in October 2017 and has been charged with the task of investigating the current policy of permitting unleashed dogs on Fairfield's Open Spaces. This includes researching issues concerning public safety, natural resource protection and enforcement of rules and regulations on Fairfield's Open Spaces.

    This online survey has been developed to assist the sub-committee in its work to gauge public opinion and gather feedback on the topic of unleashed dogs allowed on the Town of Fairfield's Open Spaces. This survey should take no longer than 3 to 5 minutes to complete and submit.

    Click here to take the survey.

    Thank you for your participation.

    Fairfield Conservation Commission