Community Forest Management Plan

Completed in 2011, the Community Forest Management Plan contains recommendations for preserving, enhancing, and maintaining the Town’s community forest, while protecting public health, safety, and welfare.

One of the many benefits of the plan is to encourage personal stewardship actions by residents and business owners for the preservation, maintenance, and enhancement of all trees, public and private.

The plan’s goals include:

  • Goal 1: Public Health, Safety, and Welfare
  • Goal 2: Active, Ongoing Management of the Community Forest by the Town of Fairfield
  • Goal 3: Natural Resource Conservation and Enhancement
  • Goal 4: Enhancement of Town Recreational Areas
  • Goal 5: Economic Benefits from the Community Forest
  • Goal 6: Cultural Enrichment through Management of the Community Forest
  • Goal 7: Environmental Stewardship
  • Goal 8: Public Interest, Support, and Participation
  • Goal 9: Effective Response to Changing Conditions