10/16/2018 - Town of Fairfield Endorses CS Policy 10-2-18

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Town of Fairfield Endorses Complete Streets Policy

FAIRFIELD, Connecticut – On Wednesday, September 26th, the Town of Fairfield Board of Selectmen endorsed a new Complete Streets policy at the recommendation of the town’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee. This policy outlines how the Town of Fairfield will consider the needs of all of users when planning and developing future transportation projects on town roads.


"Complete Streets by definition are streets, highways, roadways, travel ways and corridors that are designed and operated to enable safe and comfortable access for all users. All users include pedestrians, bicyclists, public transit riders, and people of all abilities, cars, trucks, buses and other modes of transportation.  This policy is a major milestone in the town's efforts to create a safer transportation network for all," said William Pollack, chair of the Town Bicycle and Pedestrian Government Sub-Committee.


Any future transportation project to which this policy is applicable would be sensitive to the context of the surrounding neighborhood and community, as there is not a one size fits all approach to Complete Streets design and implementation.


"Endorsing a Complete Streets policy does not mean bike lanes or sidewalks will be coming to every street. The policy is a step towards a balanced transportation network which ensures the safe and efficient movement of vehicles, trains, pedestrians and cyclists." said Laura OBrien member of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Government Sub-Committee, and vice-chair of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee.


Ann Katis, member of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Government Sub-Committee said: "We are confident that this endorsement will lead to safer streets, greater connectivity, and the ability for Fairfield to stand out in a crowd when applying for grants to improve our town.  When planning includes all users, safety is increased, and communities are more accessible. This leads to healthier neighborhoods, physically and economically."


"With the input and endorsements by a number of people and agencies including Town Engineering, Department of Public Works, Health Department, Town Planning and Zoning, Police Department, Town Forestry Committee, Sustainability Fairfield Task Force, the American Heart Association, MetroCOG, Department of Economic Development, Town Attorney, the former Fairfield Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee, and our state and town representatives, the endorsement of the Town of Fairfield Complete Streets Policy shows the town-wide commitment to the overall vision of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, which states that the Town of Fairfield recognizes the need to encourage walking and biking for transportation, recreation, exercise and quality of life. Walking and biking conserve energy, improve air quality, reduce traffic and the need for parking, improve health and fitness, and invigorate the local economy through increased access to local business and greater potential for tourism." said Keith Gallinelli, chairman of the Town of Fairfield Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee.