10/17/2018 - “Local Food for All,” New Town of Fairfield Web Resource

Local Food for All,” New Town of Fairfield Web Resource, Offers a Taste of the Benefits of “Buying Locally, Eating Locally”

“Buy Local, Eat Local” is becoming the byword for Fairfield residents concerned about preserving the health and sustainability of our food supply – and enhancing the taste and nutritional value of the food they consume every day.  And now, the Sustainable Fairfield Task Force (SFTF) has launched a new information resource designed to help residents put that urgent principle into practice.

“Local Food for All,” which can be viewed on the Town of Fairfield Website at, presents guidance and suggestions for residents to learn more about the importance and benefits of locally produced food and how to tap more local food sources.

“As part of our long-standing focus on safeguarding Fairfield’s sustainability and environmental health, we want to help ensure that all of our residents have access to high quality, locally produced food,” said Michael Tetreau, Fairfield First Selectman.  “We invite residents to visit ‘Local Food for All’ to see the good that ‘buying and eating locally’ can create for their families and our entire community.”

Resources available at “Local Food for All” include a listing of local farm stands, farmer’s markets and grocery stores offering locally produced food, information on home and community gardens, and details on how hunger in our community is being mitigated via local food.  Residents also can learn more about local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs; CSAs allow consumers to buy seasonal, local produce directly from a grower in advance of the growing season, helping the farmer secure income and plan ahead as well as guaranteeing the buyer a weekly share of the harvest throughout the season.

To help residents who face financial or mobility challenges in securing locally produced food, “Local Food for All” also will offer information on food providers that accept alternative payment options and vendors that are accessible via public transportation, along with other support for residents with mobility limitations.    

Locally-sourced food offers huge environmental and health pluses for households and the community, “Local Food for All” points out, including access to more fresh, seasonal and healthful food products; preservation of green space and reduced carbon costs from food transport, and meaningful economic support for local growers.

"Supporting local food lets us speak to the people growing our food and learn how they grow the food and care for the land,” said Tara Cook-Littman, a Fairfield resident who shops at the Fairfield Farmers Market at Sherman Green.  “Instead of supporting agribusiness, we can support our neighbors and friends. It's good for the Connecticut economy." 

“Connecticut has deep agricultural roots, but we perhaps forget that there are wonderful farms right here in suburban Fairfield County, offering gorgeous seasonal produce,” said Kiersten Chou, SFTF volunteer.  “By drawing attention to farm stands, farmer’s markets, CSAs and locally-focused food retailers throughout the Fairfield area, we want to build awareness of the powerful advantages of locally grown food and create demand that can help sustain our local growers – and enhance the health of our community -- for a long time to come.”

For more information about the work of the Sustainable Fairfield Task Force, please visit