3/1/2021 - Hearings to Begin Tuesday, March 2; Reminders to Appellants

Board of Assessment Appeal Hearings will commence on Tuesday, March 2nd.  Appeals being heard at each morning or afternoon session will be listed on the agendas for each session available here.  Hearing notices were mailed to all appellants by March 1st and at least seven days prior to the hearing.  Email notices will also be sent out.

The Board reminds appellants of the following:

  • The purpose of the hearing is to gather information on your appeal for subsequent discussion and decision by the Board at a designated "decision making" meeting.
  • The person appealing must be the property owner of record or a duly authorized agent appearing on behalf of the property owner. Authorized agents must present an affidavit signed by property owner.
  • Hearing rooms are set up in compliance with CDC and Town guidelines and have plexi-glass dividers.
  • Please arrive at Old Town Hall/611 Old Post Road at least 5 minutes early and report to the BAA Clerk in the lobby upon your arrival. Bring a copy of all paperwork you have submitted, your hearing notice, and any additional paperwork you wish to submit.
  • You will be asked to raise your right hand, be sworn in and sign a statement saying your testimony and statements made in conjunction with the appeal are true.
  • A Board of Assessment Appeals member will hear your appeal.
  • Hearings are scheduled in 15 minute increments, so be prepared to explain your appeal succinctly and completely in 8-10 minutes time.
  • You are asked to present clear, strong, convincing evidence to the board member. The board member may ask you questions during this process and will document your appeal.
  • Your hearing will be recorded. The recording and any documentation you provide is public record and will be made available on the Town website within seven days of your hearing.
  • Due to the Governor's Executive Order 7Z currently in place, if you are uncomfortable appearing in person, you may request to have your hearing conducted remotely. Fill out a remote hearing request form and the Board member will call you at your scheduled time.

More information on the appeal process can be found at

Please note that State Statute does not require the Board of Assessment Appeals to provide you with the opportunity to reschedule your hearing. Due to the high volume of appeals this year (over 650) and the very limited time frame for the Board’s work, rescheduling your hearing may not be possible. Whether in person or remote, please make every effort to honor your scheduled date and time or consider authorizing someone to appeal on your behalf.

Please direct any questions or concerns to the BAA Clerk at 203-256-2965.

Thank you.
Fairfield Board of Assessment Appeals