12/14/2020 - Property Owners Encouraged to Schedule Informal Hearings to Address Valuation Concerns

The Assessor and Board of Assessment Appeals chair encourage any property owner who has concerns with their proposed 2020 market valuation to schedule an informal hearing with Municipal Valuation Services, the Town’s revaluation company.  Informal hearings are being offered via conference call December 15 through January 8. The hearings typically last 5-10 minutes and may eliminate your need to request a formal public hearing before the Board of Assessment Appeals in March.

To schedule an informal hearing, please go to and select ‘Fairfield’. As part of the scheduling process you will be required to submit a hearing request form for which you will need to know your Property ID (PID#).  Your PID# can be found on the top left corner of your property card and also in the upper right corner of your revaluation notice.  Due to COVID-19, you will also be asked to submit any supporting documentation (appraisals, photographs, neighborhood sales data) at least 48 hours before your scheduled hearing.

When considering whether or not to schedule a hearing, please review your property card and comparable sales data on the Vision Government Solutions website. Please note that it is the responsibility of the property owner to make the case that the proposed valuation is incorrect. Some factors to consider when deciding whether or not to schedule a hearing include:

  • Is the property information on the property card correct?
  • Do I have a recent appraisal of my property?
  • What are similar homes in my neighborhood selling for?

It is best to state your appeal in terms of appraised (market) value. Both appraised value and assessed value are listed on your property card. Please note that your revaluation notice only indicates the assessed value. Assessed value is 70% of appraised value.

If you have any issues signing up, are appealing multiple properties, or have any other questions or concerns, please contact Municipal Valuation Services at 203-292-5500.

For more information on the revaluation process, visit the Town’s revaluation web page or contact the Assessor's Office.