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Appointment Process

The Town of Fairfield is always looking for volunteers with time and interest to serve on our many Boards and Commissions, Advisory Committees or Building Committees.   Even if there is not currently a vacancy on a particular board, we would like to hear about your interest in serving so we can contact you when there is an opening (a term expires, resignation occurs, etc.).

Most Boards are appointed.  Please see below for an overview of the appointment process, how to apply and additional recommended steps to take if you're interested in being considered for appointment to a particular board.   If the Board you are interested in is an elected board, please contact the Town Clerk's office for information on the election process.

How Appointments are Made

Board and Commission members are appointed in a variety of ways.  Some appointments are made directly by the First Selectwoman.  Other appointments are recommended by the First Selectwoman, but require a vote of the Board of Selectmen, the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) and/or another board or commission.  See the "About" link on the home page for a particular board to see how members are appointed to that board. 

How to Apply

The Office of the First Selectwoman oversees and coordinates the appointment process for all but a few boards.

If you would like to be considered for appointment you will need to send a resume (or short bio) and completed questionnaire to the Office of the First Selectwoman.  You can submit them one of two ways:

  1. Using our Online Boards and Commissions Interest Form
  2. Submitting your resume and a completed questionnaire to the Office of the First Selectwoman.  Electronic delivery to is preferred. Otherwise, please send by mail to Jennifer Carpenter, First Selectwoman’s Office, 725 Old Post Road, Fairfield, CT 06824.

All appointees must be registered voters in Fairfield.   Please contact the Office of the Registrars of Voters to confirm that you are a registered voter in the Town of Fairfield.

What to Consider

We always recommend that potential candidates attend a meeting of the board they are interested in.  All meetings are open to the public and you are welcome to attend.  See the Town Meetings Calendar for dates, times and locations of meetings.

We also recommend that interested candidates read the minutes of the board or commission.  Sometimes what might sound like an interesting board on paper, can in actuality be not so interesting.  Reading the minutes can give you a good flavor of what that board's work typically entails.

Board chairs are also a great source of information.   Feel free to introduce yourself to the chair - before (if appropriate) or after a meeting.  Or contact the First Selectwoman's Office to arrange a phone conversation with the chair.

Please note that each board has its own personality. It is in the best interest of the candidate, the board and the Town that a good match is made.  We ask that you consider both your interests and your availability when deciding if board work is right for you. 

And finally, please be aware that all board meetings are public meetings and as such are subject to the Freedom of Information Act and are conducted using Robert's Rules.  For more information on what it's like to conduct business in public please visit our Public Meeting Resources web page.

If you have any questions on the process, please contact the First Selectwoman's Office at 203-256-3030 or