Inclusive Excellence

The Town of Fairfield is committed to the pursuit of inclusive excellence in all that we do. Inclusive excellence is the active recognition and acknowledgement that our Town's excellence and success actually depends on the rich diversity of our constituents and personnel. To that end, Inclusive excellence means that our success as a municipality happens because of our diversity, not in spite of diversity. Inclusive excellence is a perpetual journey and means that we must and will give intentional consideration to the ways that we consider diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in all that we do. 

As such, we are formalizing our commitment to inclusive excellence by redeveloping the Racial Justice Task Force Blueprint into the new Inclusive Excellence Blueprint 2.0. The Fairfield Inclusive Excellence Blueprint 2.0 outlines our specific commitments to DEIB over the next five years. We realize this plan does not represent an exhaustive list of commitments that are necessary for inclusive excellence, but we took a strategic approach to crafting a manageable plan that will set a foundation upon which we will continue to assess and build. 

The Fairfield Inclusive Excellence Blueprint 2.0 is being prepared by Maurice Nelson, an experienced inclusive excellence professional and consultant.