Fairfield Solarize Campaign 2017

Learn about the powerful financial and environmental benefits of residential solar as our entire town comes together to launch another edition of Solarize Fairfield.  Through Solarize, homeowners can get their own solar solution at special discounted pricing.                              

Solarize Fairfield is part of Solarize Connecticut, a unique community-based program to increase the use of residential solar statewide.  Over 80 Connecticut municipalities have helped over 2,400 homeowners and nearly 400 Fairfield residents to go solar with support from SmartPower, a renewable energy non-profit marketing firm, and the Connecticut Green Bank.  Check out the map showing of solar installations throughout Fairfield all of Connecticut.

Being part of Solarize Fairfield has many benefits.  Among them:

  • HELPFUL, STRAIGHTFORWARD INFORMATION ABOUT SOLAR: Education and information is easily accessible from SmartPower.

  • COMPETITIVELY SELECTED SOLAR INSTALLER: Through a competitive process focused on quality and pricing, All Green it Solar has been chosen again as the installer that best fits our town.  They’re local and their prices are great!

  • DISCOUNT PRICE: A set, discounted price is offered by All Green it Solar.

  • FINANCING:  Zero down financing is available. Dividend Solar Financing will let you know if you are eligible for financing your solar installation, and All Green it Solar will review all the financing options with you in your solar evaluation.  

  • INCENTIVES AND TAX CREDITS: A 30% federal tax credit is available. The CT Green Bank also offers an incentive for in-state solar installations. Solar installations are sales and property tax exempt.

To find out more about the program:

  • Sign up for a no cost, no obligation home evaluation at, to find out if your home is good for solar. Revisit the website for upcoming program events. 

  • Come to a Solarize Fairfield workshop to learn more

    With growing concern about protecting our environment – plus all of solar’s cost-saving benefits – checking out solar makes sense now more than ever.  By joining Solarize Fairfield, you’ll help our community and Connecticut lead the way in the spread of cost-efficient, renewable solar energy. Don’t miss this great opportunity to be part of this exciting Fairfield project. Contracts for new solar installations need to be signed by February 22, 2018 to qualify for discounted pricing. 

Thank you for helping make Fairfield a cleaner, more sustainable community!