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Building Department (Ask Us)

How can I find/contact the Building Department?
How can I obtain a building permit?
How do I get an inspection done for my house?
How do I get in touch with my Local Building Inspector?
How do I know if my building meets energy codes set by the US Department of Energy?
What does the Building Department do?
What kind of work does not require a building permit?
Where can I find the Connecticut State Building Code?
Who should I talk to if I have questions about the Connecticut Building Code?

First Selectman's Office (Ask Us)

Where can I drop off torn and tattered flags?

Licenses & Permits

How can I get a marriage license?
How do I get a hunting and/or fishing license?

Other Questions for the Town Clerk

How can I get a copy of a birth certificate?
How can I get a copy of a death certificate?
How do I become a notary?
How do I get a trade name certificate?
Where do I get recording information for land records?

Parking Authority (Ask Us)

How do I file a complaint against a Taxi Service?
How do I pay or appeal a Parking Ticket?

Public Works Administration (Ask Us)

What is the Administrative division?

Public Works Garage (Ask Us)

How can I contact the Department of Public Works?
How do I register a Public Works complaint?
What does the Department of Public Works do?
What is the Operations division?

Purchasing Department (Ask Us)

Do all of the Town of Fairfield bids require a bid bond, payment bond and/or performance bonds?
Do Prevailing Wage Rates apply to all Town of Fairfield bids?
Does the Town of Fairfield hold any preferences to local Contractors over non-local Contractors?
How can I contact the Purchasing Department?
How do I obtain a place on the Town of Fairfield Bidders’ List?
How do I obtain results from previous Town of Fairfield bids?
How does the Town of Fairfield handle the disposal of Surplus Property?
What does the Purchasing Department do?
What is the dollar amount threshold for bidding within the Town of Fairfield?

Senior Center (Ask Us)

Can the senior center help me complete my federal income tax forms?
Do I have to register at the Senior Center?
Does the center offer health screening programs?
Does the center offer transporation services?
Does the senior center have a food service?
Does the Senior Center have any classes?
How can I contact the Senior Center?
Is membership limited to Fairfield citizens?
Is there a membership fee for the Senior Center?
What if I need help with Social Security or Medicare issues or assistance in applying for various programs that might benefit me or my family? Can the center help with that?
What is a senior center?
What kind of exercise programs does the center offer?
What programs are offered at the center?
Where is the Fairfield Senior Center? What are the hours?

Solid Waste and Recycling (Ask Us)

During what holidays is the dump (transfer station) closed?
How do I get rid of bricks, fill, stones, concrete, or asphalt?
What are the dump (transfer station) hours?
What can I recycle?
Where do I dispose of yard waste?

Tax Assessor (Ask Us)

How is property valued?
How is tax revaluation established?
How is the tax (mill) rate established?
What do I own that is subject to taxes?
What if I dispose of a vehicle after October 1st?
What is a Supplemental Motor Vehicle Bill?
What is Fairfield's Mill Rate for the October 1, 2008 Grand List? For the October 1, 2009 Grand List? For the October 1, 2010 Grand List?

Tax Collector (Ask Us)

Can I pay my tax bill online?
If I mail my payment, when is the latest I can send it without being considered delinquent?
What happens if a payment or check is returned unpaid by my bank?
What if I am delinquent on my real estate taxes?
What if I sell my real estate?
What is the best way to make payment?
When does a tax or sewer use bill become delinquent?
When should I expect my tax bill?
Who do I pay, if I move within Connecticut?

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