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The Town of Fairfield will close for non-emergency operations at 12:30 pm.

Fire Department Staff Directory

The Town of Fairfield has implemented a Citizens Response System to handle non-emergency requests for service or information.   This system enables the Fire Department and other Town departments to most efficiently and effectively assist citizens.  Please click here to enter a request for service or general information from the Fire Department.

Staff Member Division Contact Information
Assistant Chief Scott Bisson Training, Safety, Public information 203-254-4709
Assistant Chief Roger Caisse Shift Commander B - Marine Operations 203-254-4704
Master Mechanic Richard Demko Apparatus Maintenance 203-254-4707
Deputy Chief Kyran Dunn Administration 203-254-4715
Assistant Chief George Gomola Shift Commander A - Health and Wellness 203-254-4704
Assistant Chief Erik Kalapir Shift Commander C - Communications 203-254-4704
Assistant Chief William Kessler Fire Marshal 203-254-4720
Chief Denis McCarthy Administration 203-254-4713
Assistant Chief Schuyler Sherwood Shift Commander D - Planning 203-254-4704